S3 Delta Harrows Inc.

Through uncompromising quality, uncommon effciency, and long term reliability, the S3 Delta Harrows Inc. team has secured their place in the ag sector. Today, the company produces the number one flex harrow in North America: the Delta Flexible Harrow, sold by hardware stores and farm equipment retailers throughout Canada and the United States, under Delta and other brand names.

The Delta Flexible Harrow Product

Delta attachments are designed for customizing to the user. Rugged drawbars drag tyne sections while 3-point lifts and heavy-duty carts allow for ease of transportation and wide coverage. The modular, multi-use design and wide range of attachment options places the Delta Flexible Harrow in several markets in which minimum tillage solutions are a must, such as:

  • Turf management
  • Graveled or dirt roadway maintenance
  • Pasture management
  • Forage crop improvement
  • Arena resurfacing
  • Seedbed preparation
  • Corn stalk levelling
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S3 Wireform Inc.

S3 Wireform Inc. builds custom designed wire solutions for equipment manufacturers. In operation since 1966, we have a long history in the industry and have a reputation for technical expertise, flexibility, quality and unique services. The quality and consistency in coil forming, treating, finishing and packaging that we provide is unequalled. We have a breadth of experience in problem-solving with customers during product-development stages, providing custom engineered designs with precision. We believe there’s no such thing as a catalogue spring – we design for the application. Our in-house powder coating service enables us to offer the best finish available, including a unique, patent-pending process for coating between coils. Additionally, we offer value-added services to  help grow our customers' business, such as:

  • Sub-assembling (ie: insertion of casting, assembling tynes to implements)
  • Welding (ie: tips on tynes, small weldments)
  • “Next Step” packaging (ie: truly customized protection, durability, and batching for customer efficiency)
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S3 Air Systems

S3 Air Systems entered the farm equipment industry in 1966 building and marketing pneumatic chaff management systems. Over the years, the company has supplied both custom and catalogue fans for a variety of agricultural applications both proprietary and for other manufacturers. These products include:

  • Grain vacuums
  • Chaff spreaders
  • Inline and centrifugal aeration fans
  • Air drills
  • Air seeders

Today, we at S3 Air Systems are focused on working closely with each customer to produce technologically advanced pneumatic systems. We approach every project with complete discretion, specialized air power knowledge and a long-term commitment to quality and value in every detail. We are a team of trained professionals, utilizing cutting edge technologies unique to the North American industry.

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S3 Manufacturing Inc.

A passion for machinery design and the satisfaction of building top quality product was behind the 1966 origins of our company. Consistency, efficiency and innovative thinking proved to be needed as much by other manufacturers as by the company’s proprietary product marketing efforts. Quickly, providing customized components became a specialty, and relationships with OEM’s became a priority. Today S3 Manufacturing Inc. is focused on working closely with each customer on the processes and deliverables that will help them grow their business. We approach every project with a long-term commitment to quality and value in every detail. We bring capacity, convenience and efficiencies to our customers, allowing them to focus on stabilizing their own processing costs and getting more product to market. We are adept at:

  • Organizing projects from drawings to the shop floor
  • Sourcing materials
  • Fabrication
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Assembly and finish
  • Custom packaging
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Welcome to S3 Enterprises Inc.

We are the parent to a family of businesses focused on bringing insight and value to the agricultural equipment industry. Our purpose is to strategically invest in high performance manufacturing businesses.

The S3 group promotes the values of joy, character, honour and integrity as a way of doing business. That means we intentionally work on developing character; it means that we honour God by being grateful and diligent; it means we prize integrity above gain. We see joy as something we have in spite of our circumstances – not because of them, and for joy to be a part of who we are, we must stay true to these values.

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Products and Services

Looking to grow your sales? Our teams can deliver any stage of manufacturing output; we can come to your test site and truly customize your pneumatic system from start to finish. You can give your customers the value of powder-coated wireforms, sub-assembled and customized for your shop floor’s next stage to save time. Or perhaps you are looking to hook on to the industry’s leading Delta harrow – the multi-tool in terrain management.

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